Top ten secrets to success in examination cont

5.Tension is death-Once you are tensed up in the exam hall,your are sure to fail,get the boldness,make it come from nowhere and use it to tackle the questions,your are assured of success.
6.I too know-Dont just focus on your sreen or paper alone even if you know all answers,sideways your head to see what is around you and if there is any new information.
7.Time-Bring along a watch to the exam hall and allocate time to each questions to avoid wastage of time on a particular question and at the end you can finish and touch the all questions.
8.Be composed-Being disorganized while on the hot sit might forfiet all you have planned and arranged,and it might lead to failure,forget all your worries and problems for time being you are still on the questions.
9.Revise-Take time to revise your answers and see what you have done if you have make any mistake,its mandatory to secure extra time to check your answers and see how correct it is.
10-Secure D succes-Make sure you speak to your creator to stamp the success.


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