LordAce007 LordAce is back with his poems again One day with this am gon get a gain To bussiness,rite now let play the game Love comes with being once with birth But still we tend to hate now what is that I get confused thinking about a lot tonight To leave hatred and start to love now will start For 3′ couple of years av not been human Am jez as strange as wen a beast jez seen woman She was a friend whom i trust But she was surely not who i love Why do i av to search a long time for another Why do true friend get scarce i wonder Triple years pass i found nobody Half decade pass i want nobody Cos 99 percent of my people are Nobody And who are this my people…Nobody I said to cry…me…never To die too I…will…never I know someone is inside But i kept held back at the door’s sight Why am i slow to knock When to open xhe already at the door Maybe i could get a slap as i enter Maybe i could save the shame if u turn back My life really amuse me When things like this abuse it.


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