5 Reasons she is still saying a NO

  1. Whether you are serious about her or not,whether your claimed love is genuine or fake,its none of a bussiness,once her feeling power discovers the air of carefreeness,you should expect a NO,Once you are not so concerned about her and you seems not worried about her answer,you are surely her laughing stock.

  2. What would you do as a person if u discover you are just been chocked,She will neva say a yes when yo bother her excessively,Stop blowing the mansion off the rock be being too much after her,she will keep running.

  3. She remember your foolish acts when you are small,still a kid,do you think she will laught it out,Kidding,She will surely feel ashamed and pissed off .Having a childish past will add a vote to her NO

  4. Maybe you are being a fool,acting sluggish,shy and childish when asking for love is a dagger in the chest of or love,Boy will you listen to me,she will say a NO

5.She will never love you,once a girl thinks that way.Your NO is sure.lolzzz.

But keep going anyway,there is a hope.


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