You can keep that Relashionship

Why cant you keep that relashionship
Kindly take a wondrous look at this guys up in the picture.What do you see.
Maybe i should help in answering
You are thinking of quiting that relashionship cos its boring,how do i know that? …I can jez see it
You neva knew relashionship is not all about love but frienship,I realise a fact couple of days ago…When you are right in front of the one you love,your heart uncontrollably speeds up its breath,but check it out whenever you are in front of someone you like,You just feel the hapiness,
If ever possible,the two feelings be justaposed and combined into one,it will surely work…
…We say we love her/he
..But do we like her/he?
When you like someone you love,she would be these:
…Best Friend
…Soul mate
………What else would she be,hmmn
You love her as your girl and you like her like your friend.
Why wont she now stay by you.
Try this out,see whatz up.


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