Armageddon episode 2 by Micheal Ace


Episode 2

And as this creature gave me the awful smile
My feet smiled some beatings on the tiled floor as I ran inside.

I called on dad and he said,son,keep calm,that creature will leave on its own.

The worst of all was that I remembered that on that faithful day the creature first came to our house,only Dad and I could see him,other didn’t.

Father said,son,let me tell you this story because you are not a kid anymore


Few years ago,there lived an old sorcerer in this town
He had a beautiful daughter and a late wife.

So one day a stranger walked to the village,he missed his way and fell on the farmland of the sorcerer
But when the sorcerer saw him,he had some compassion after he had listened to his story and took him home.

But after a while,the stranger and the sorcerer’s daughter started having a mutual feelings,finally they grew the courage to tell the father their wish of marriage.
This sorcerer never against it and neither did he give any blessing.

So on one saturday morning,the sorcerer told this stranger and his daughter that he would embark on a journey,so he set off.

After 5 years,this sorcerer returned and met a young boy in front of his house,
Surprisingly surprised,he went inside only to find the stranger and his daughter as couple.

He got furious that the duo neglected his consent and couldn’t even wait for his return,
In desperation,he killed the stranger and cast a spell on the little boy and lo the boy was kidnapped by a Whirlwind.

Then his daughter fell and picked up a knife,he threatened to kill herself if her father could not provide her son.

Right in dilemma,this sorcerer left to a wander world in search for the lost boy.

And the lost boy is right in this house.

I was statued at this statement as I ask very fast and furious.

Who is the lost boy?

He answered
He is the……………..

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Sit back and patiently await the continuation

Watchout for episode 3

Micheal Ace


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