A long Time to Die by Micheal Ace

A long Time to Die

The grip was too styled
And steer was too fast
No feet on pedal
brakes’,’higher hold on the other

The wind was coming so fast
The upthrust couldn’t be gravitated
He stumbled on the ground
Firstly,the bumps got him amputated

Some tear of flesh stuck the stones
His skull on earth broke some bones
He was gasping in flood of blood
A series of rescue was taken to done

A 100m race to the theatre
The hospital fell on disarray
There were no Life-Savers on duty
Life-Taker was found not guilty

On the white sheet that has turned red
He wished his father was impotent
Or his mother had always closed her legs
He wished he wasn’t born,to be dead

Mother was bleeding to his cuts
His wife was wasting his tears
He had a little baby girl
She was clutching to the her mother’s breast

He was praying for death
But that was like shooting a ghost
Because there is nothing like death
There is just an absence of life

His nostrils were too narrow
To narrow to lose the breath
He then opened his mouth
And that left,no more tomorrow

From the wheel to the ground
From the ground to the bed
From the bed to underground
A path between life and death

He took in another breath
He opened his mouth again
He stared at the watchers and said
It takes a long time to die

And,he died again.

(To my lovely Drivers,please becareful behind the wheel,it takes a long time to die)

Micheal Ace


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