Armageddon episode 4 by Micheal Ace

Episode 4

“””Son,welcome to the beginning of your Armageddon,your 10 years of grieve”””
My dad wrote

I flew up in disarray, threw the book away,What the hell is this?,
My sister woke and asked what the problem was,I denied all issues and kept her mind at ease.
I could not sleep that night, though my little sister did.

The first chapter of the book i read kept giving me an expectance of an awful situation but to be candid,nothing really changed as the money left behind by our late parents were still breathing in fresh air of my father’s account,
my sister and I were still doing fine just until this night,I had a nightmare…………..


I saw my dad beckoning to me in this vast land,it was very dark that I could only vividly see his white eyes. I walked up to him with no fear since he was my father but when I moved close to him,he said in a breaking voice…
“Let me take you on a short journey”
I asked,where are we going dad?

He only smiled as we paced away…
We then got to a door and he made a pause,
He gave me the key and I opened,Inside this room,I saw a picture of a young man crying profusely and wandering all around the world,the mode of his actions showed me he was actually in search of a treasure,all cloth thorn on him…..

I asked dad what this meant but he only gave me another key,and I saw another door ahead.
My heart was pounding like it was being pounded as I manoeuvred to the second door.
I plugged in the key and as I opened,I woke back to life…

I wish I had never slept so as not to have this dream because when I woke and looked at where my sister lay,I couldn’t……………

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Micheal Ace


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