One minute silence 2 by Wole Emmanuel

POEM: “One Minute Silence 2”
POET: Fawole Immanuel

Reclusely thy dwelleth in a shanty
Bereaved of consort speakless of a progeny
Dirt findeth its intimacy with thee
Ditto to tattoos on a gangster

Thou broke bread with dearth
And wineth with penury
Germ and diseases likewise
Payeth thee visits as thy chum

Agreeably, thou liveth
In the nut-like hut
With spirogyra and stagnant water as diet
Until thou meeteth thy gory exit

This exit thou encountereth
On a wild boulevard while scouting for inject
Under the hugging arms of a Juggernaut
Which crusheth thee beyond recognition

Thy head burst open
As thy skull set free thy incarcerated brain
Which felt the unmerited let loose
The snakes in thy stomach feeleth likewise

Later spiced by rain which encountered thy decay
Maggots questioneth for what thou oweth them
Though all wasn’t answereth at the initial
Before being transported on a 6 feet journey

Thy magnanimous compatriots hired a conveyor
If not bought
Which covereth the voyage
On the fueling shoulders of the niggardly largesse beings

With their hoes and spades accompanied with diggers
Thy new home was buildeth
Still designed for a recluse soul in a serene realm
While ants, maggots and their likes maketh thy neighbors

Not to rap much, dear old friend
I’m giving thee a minute of my 24 hours
Not to recall thee thy back
But to tell thee thy art like a minute to 24 hours in me

The likes of thee will feel thy edge
As thy copulate my spouse
Thou made off with my Muse
Savor thy ceaseless distress

©…Penning The Penable
All rights reserved


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