ACEworld Today 23 oct 2015

ACEworld Today
23 oct 2015


A wise old man was sitting at the river bank when he
saw a
cat that had fallen into the water, flailing around,
trying to
save itself from drowning.
The man decided to save the cat. He stretched his
hand out
but was scratched by the cat. He pulled his hand back
However, a minute later he stretched his hand out
again to
save the cat, but it scratched him again, and again he
his hand back in pain.
Another minute later he was yet again trying for the
A man, who was nearby watching what was
yelled out: “O wise man, you have not learned your
the first time, nor the second time, and now you are
to save the cat a third time?”
The wise man paid no heed to that man’s scolding,
and kept
on trying until he managed to save the cat.
He then walked over to the man, and patted his
saying: “My son.. it is in the cat’s nature to scratch,
and it is
in my nature to love and have compassion. Why do
you want
me to let the cat’s nature overcome mine?!!


Treat people according to your nature and
according to theirs, no matter what they are like and
matter how numerous their actions that harm you
are and
cause your hurt sometimes.
And do not pay heed to all the voices that loudly call
out to
you to leave behind your good qualities merely
because the
other party is not deserving of your noble actions.
When you live to give happiness to others, God will
send you
those who will live to give happiness to you.
Remember this, when you make it happen for others,
God will make it happen for you also. It is our nature
to love as believers and not to hate. Hate the sin and
not the sinner!!!

Message from ACEworld

If you still doesn’t believe in ACEworld,I mean the world of the bests,just remember its our nature to bring you peace and joy even if its your nature to ignore
We love you,

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