PoemAttack Phase 1 score

Greetings to you sage
Here comes the PoemAttack Competition Result Analysis
N.B: All points are approximated.

Toluwalogo sharon:
First Grade-60%
Second Grade-20%
Third Grade-40%


Poem two by Ms Loto:
First Grade-50%
Second Grade-69%
Third Grade-40%


Poem three by Olufunmilayo Matilda:
First Grade-80%
Second Grade-70%
Third Grade-70%


Poem four by Fagbemi Seye:
First Grade-30%
Second Grade-55%
Third Grade-45%


Poem five by Fawole Emmanuel:
First Grade-70%
Second Grade-57%
Third Grade-60%


Poem six by Adeosun Damilola:
First Grade-60%
Second Grade-73%
Third Grade-45%


Poem seven by Dada Samuel Oluwaranti:
First Grade-40%
Second Grade-61%
Third Grade-50%


Poem Eight by Babangida
First Grade-51%
Second Grade-30%
Third Grade-41%


Poem Nine by Ajayi Ayobami
First Grade-70%
Second Grade-75%
Third Grade-73%


We say
Congratulation to all Competitors.


Luckily for all competitors,their submitted poem is required to be sent again if requested for,for publishing in ACEworld’s blog,groups and pages online and also a wide publicity guaranteed.

Fawole Emmanuel with 62 points emerge as the Third place Winner.
His submitted piece has gain a free entry to 1.One blogger site,
2.Five online groups
3.Five online pages and
4.a free entry to the phase 2 of the competition which will commence in December/January

Second Position
As it happened that Miss Olufunmilayo Matilda and Sire Ajayi Ayobami results with the same points,
There will be a public interview in the ACEworld Bleeding pen group with the duo,as points will be scored from their respective responses.

The date of the interview will be fixed and Announced later.

Thank you
Word of Inspiration and Bleeding pen

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