A foolish Adventure

When Sola was in SS3, his teacher always yelled
at him,
calling him “a waste of conception, time and
space and a
sure failure in life”. One day, poor Sola’s grand
came to school to check out how her grandson
was. doing.
The teacher told her quite frankly that she had
never seen
such a dumb boy all her life; and advised her to
and enroll him under an artisan, because formal
for Sola would be a total waste of time and
money. The
grandmother, shocked at the teacher’s remarks,
her grandson from the school and relocated to
**** 25 years later **** The teacher was
diagnosed with a
brain tumour. All the doctors she met advised
her to do
surgery. And only a certain doctor in the whole
of Nigeria
(practicing in Maiduguri) could perform this
procedure. Left
with no alternative, the poor teacher agreed to
have the
surgery performed. Fortunately, It was
successful. When
she awoke hours after the surgery, she saw a
young doctor smiling down at her. She was on
respiration from a machine that provided her
oxygen. She
wanted to thank him but could not speak. She
sideways and suddenly began to express shock &
her face started to turn pale; she frantically
made attempts
to raise her hand and tell him something but
couldn’t. She
struggled, she fought hard- Then she gave up the
Ghost and
died. The young doctor was shocked. He tried to
find out
what went wrong. Eventually he found out that it
was our
dear Sola (now working as a cleaner in the
hospital) who
had disconnected the lady’s oxygen machine to
connect his
phone charger.
Wait ooo!… Don’t tell me that you thought that
Sola became
the doctor? lol If ah hear….dz s not Nollywood.!!
Sola no
know book period!!
LMAO!! 😛
# jst putin a smile on people’s


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