ACEworld Today 25 oct 2015

ACEworld Today
25 oct 2015


A little girl named Jane wrote on a sheet of paper…
* For sweeping_3 dollars
* For cooking_5 dollars
* For running errands_3 dollars
* Total amount owing_10 dollars
Mum,how will you pay?

Jane then went to her mum and handed her the note,the mother read and smiled,she then kept the paper and told her she will reply later

…..35 years later…..

Jane had grown to a wife and also a mother,she also gave birth to a girl.

Then one day,Jane’s mother who is now old as a grandma called on jane’s little daughter,she handed her the sheet of paper Jane gave her 35 years ago. She told the little girl to give it to her mother(Jane).

So the little girl went to give the sheet to her mother(Jane)

Jane had forgotten she had once asked a similar question from her old mother,she then turned to the back of the paper to write a reply to her little daughter,she wrote…
* For the Nine months I kept you in me_No charge
* For my sleepless nights for you_No charge
* For the three years on my back_No charge
* For my countless efforts_No charge
* The cost of your feeding_No charge
* Total amount owing_No charge

The little girl collected back the Note and went ahead to give her grandma,the grandma then stood up from her couch and went to her daughter (Jane),she handed her the Note and said
This is my reply to the question you asked 35 years ago,

Jane immediately remembered as she now looked very well to see that the Question and the Reply were both written by her.

June bursted to tears and wrote under her question…



Jane was made to answer her questions by herself.
A foolish child will hiss at his/her parent,
A dumb will ask them to pay a price.
Have they not shed the tears you swim in today?
Have they not being stripped naked to cloth you in rain?
Your parents are your Second God.
Respect and Honour them no matter what.
* Te cost of their Love for you is No CHARGE

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