Some Funny Childhood Attitudes

ACEworld…(The world of the bests)

Some childhood crazy moments i can’ forget
1..Those days I would put my arms in my
shirt and tell people I
lost my arms.
2..Those days i Would restart the video
game, whenever I know
I was going to lose.
3..Those days i Had that one pen with
four colors, and tried to
push, all the buttons at once.
4..Waited behind a door to scare someone,
leaving because they’re taking too long to
come out.
5..Those days i would faked being asleep,
so i could be carried to bed.
6..Those days i Used to think that the
moon followed our car.
7..Those days i tried to balance the switch
between On/Off.
8..Those days i would be Watching two
drops of rain roll down window and
pretending it was a race.
9..Those days The only thing i had to take
care of was my
school bag.
10..Those days i would Swallowed a fruit
seed and was scared of death,that a tree
was going to grow in my tummy.
11..Those days i would close the fridge
extremely slowly to see when the lights
went off.
12..Those days i would walked into a
room, forgot what you needed,Walked out,
and then remember.
when we were kids we couldn’t wait to
grow up? and now we think why did we
even grow up?..What a funny life…
There was nothing as Amazing as my
childhood days..
What about yours ??…….


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