The End is here not Near

ANOTHER SIGN THAT THE END IS NEAR…MYSTERIOUS BIRTH AT KUBWA GENERAL HOSPITAL, ABUJA.At the General hospital in Kubwa, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory in Nigeria last weekend a baby girl was born with hands joined together, like someone who is praying.The doctors told the parents that they would operate the hands of that girl and that they would give her antistatic.The operation was easy because it seemed like the hands were simply glued together by one a layer of skin and was already only one layer apart.When they opened up the hands of the child, you can’t imagine what was revealed. On the inside of the hand the following was written:’JESUS IS COMING BACK!’.The doctors started weeping and so did all that were in the hospital. The satellite town of Kubwa is undergoing a movement now, people that have withdrawn from churches are going back and others are receiving Jesus Christ as their only Saviour.God sent that child simply to convey His message. After a few hours, the baby girl died, Mission Accomplished.!I have received this Now, I am passing it on!!!The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is coming back.’Seek ye the LORD while HE may be found, call upon Him while He is near’…Isaiah 55:6Send this to everyone in your address book, send it to your entire contacts list.
Don’t be too preoccupied with work. 
This is more important!!!I consider myself blessed and highly favoured of God to have received this mail from a friend and felt that I had to share it with everyone on my list.Let us take this serious as we stop every bad and evil way of ours so that we can also meet in heaven together one day!It takes nothing from you, let go of your pride and please forward this to all.!Public Health Department,
Ministry Of Federal Capital Territory Area 11,Garki, Abuja


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