Armageddon(One more Grieve) season 1 episodes finally out compiled

Armageddon season 1Armageddon (One More Grieve)
Season 1

Episode 1

And at about 2:30am
I was watching Vampire diaries with my little cousin,
She gummed close enough to me as she was being scared,though I was scared too

Then suddenly we heard a bang,more than a knock this time
Immediately my heart flew from me,I ran inside to call Dad
In a snaptime,we were all at the sitting room.

Dad took the courage to open this door but when we saw the stranger,a hot liquid warmed my cold thighs

He had no eyes,he had blood as tears,he was black,just like a monster.
Then my eyes swifted to the movie I was watching
The only difference is the colour of skin

This man dangled in,lay on a sofa and fell asleep,
Then I saw Dad brought in a knife,he stabbed this ghost and dragged him out,he went off to a few distance and threw him away

I was shocked as my Dad wasn’t shocked,
He never did like the creature was strange,he acted like it was a routine

Am I being darkened?,I asked rhetorically


And when morning came,I was the first to wake,so I wanted to sweep the corridors but still in deep thought of the event

And Lo as I open this door,I saw the man we killed last night giving me a scary smile.
But one thing changed,he wasn’t blind anymore,

My feet smiled some beatings on the tiled floor as I ran inside.

I called on dad and he said,son,keep calm,that creature will leave on its own.

The worst of all was that I remembered that on that faithful day the creature first came to our house,only Dad and I could see him,other didn’t.

Father said,son,let me tell you this story because you are not a kid anymore


Few years ago,there lived an old sorcerer in this town
He had a beautiful daughter and a late wife.

So one day a stranger walked to the village,he missed his way and fell on the farmland of the sorcerer
But when the sorcerer saw him,he had some compassion after he had listened to his story and took him home.

But after a while,the stranger and the sorcerer’s daughter started having a mutual feelings,finally they grew the courage to tell the father their wish of marriage.
This sorcerer never against it and neither did he give any blessing.

So on one saturday morning,the sorcerer told this stranger and his daughter that he would embark on a journey,so he set off.

After 5 years,this sorcerer returned and met a young boy in front of his house,
Surprisingly surprised,he went inside only to find the stranger and his daughter as couple.

He got furious that the duo neglected his consent and couldn’t even wait for his return,
In desperation,he killed the stranger and cast a spell on the little boy and lo the boy was kidnapped by a Whirlwind.

Then his daughter fell and picked up a knife,he threatened to kill herself if her father could not provide her son.

Right in dilemma,this sorcerer left to a wander world in search for the lost boy.

And the lost boy is right in this house.

I was statued at this statement as I ask very fast and furious.

Who is the lost boy?

So my dad answered
The lost son is me,
I was told the story of my life by a seer who happened to find me where the whirlwind dropped me and raised me up.

Then I ask,what about that strange being?

Dad replied,he is the sorcerer that will forever keep looking for me,that is how he will keep coming till his time extinct…


I have been enjoying this story alongside my sister,my mum also with us.
Dad has always been good at keeping us at suspense.
My dad will tell us tales every night,
and this story of Sorcerer and his daughter with the stranger is one of the tales I could remember vividly to share with you.

………Now the Story starts…………

On this faithful day,the 1st of January 1985, my father woke and called me and handed me a book,he said,son.

This is the book of the story titled Armageddon(one more grieve),
I wrote this story from all the miseries in my life.
My dad said,something will happen very soon,so I need you to start from the chapter one of this book starting from June 6 this year
Son,you must be consistent.

I worried on this statement,how could Father give me an assignment of reading a chapter of a particular book every June 6 of every year,

I took the book and left his room but on the 3rd of March,1985,my life changed,that was the day I lost both father and mother to a ghastly accident.
Left alone in this world is my little sister Joy who was then 12 years old while I was 18 and i.

After months of mourning,I fell back on the track of life and putting my sister’s head on my chest on the night of June 6,1985,I opened the first chapter of the book “Armageddon(one more grieve)” given to me by my late father.

And as I open the first chapter,there was written inside only a single sentence which state……

“””Son,welcome to the beginning of your Armageddon,your 10 years of grieve”””

I flew up in disarray, threw the book away,What the hell is this?,
My sister woke and asked what the problem was,I denied all issues and kept her mind at ease.
I could not sleep that night, though my little sister did.

The first chapter of the book i read kept giving me an expectance of an awful situation but to be candid,nothing really changed as the money left behind by our late parents were still breathing in fresh air of my father’s account,
my sister and I were still doing fine just until this night,I had a nightmare…………..


I saw my dad beckoning to me in this vast land,it was very dark that I could only vividly see his white eyes. I walked up to him with no fear since he was my father but when I moved close to him,he said in a breaking voice…
“Let me take you on a short journey”
I asked,where are we going dad?

He only smiled as we paced away…
We then got to a door and he made a pause,
He gave me the key and I opened,Inside this room,I saw a picture of a young man crying profusely and wandering all around the world,the mode of his actions showed me he was actually in search of a treasure,all cloth thorn on him…..

I asked dad what this meant but he only gave me another key,and I saw another door ahead.
My heart was pounding like it was being pounded as I manoeuvred to the second door.
I plugged in the key and as I opened,I woke back to life…

I wish I had never dreamt or slept because when I woke I could not find my sister where she lay.

I hopped up in fear and fell out of the room,I shouted her name the first time.the second time but I could not call the third time because I heard her faint voice from the veranda,I moved close and I could hear her very well.

I met my sister Joy with her friend outside and I went back inside calmed.
I later called my sister to come inside for the doing of some chores but there was no reply
Joy!Joy!!Joy!!!,I yelled out and as I angrily banged outside,but…..

she was gone

I ran up and down the neighbourhood for 3 consecutive days but all to no avail

Then I remembered my dream…
how i was led to a room by my father and how I saw the picture of a lad wandering around the world in search of a treasure

Could I have been the Lad?
Could the lost treasure have been my sister?
I asked God who laughed me off at the rumble of the cloud.

I was kept on the search for One whole year.


On the night of the 6th of june 1986,a year after my last dream
I was alone on my bed since my sister was lost,
I picked the book of Armageddon my late father gave me again and I read the second chapter
What I read in the second chapter was……..

“‘”Welcome to your second year of Armageddon son,Now its time you taste some milk of Love”‘”

Then I slept off

I then went to another dreamland,the last one I had was on the 6th of june 1985,
This time around,I never saw my dad,I just went straight to the doors,I had opened the first one a year ago and as I picked up the key beside the second door and plugged to open,I took a pause…
I was scared because I never knew what will be inside,after some minutes,I summoned some courage and open…

Inside this room,I saw a young girl that appeared pregnant,I saw a young man standing behind her and I saw…………………..

The End

Watch out for Armageddon Season 2
The first and second episodes of the season 2 is currently being read and also waiting for you

Do you know I became a Father in this my second year of Armageddon???
Unleash the misery at the blog above.

Micheal Ace


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