ACEworld Today 26 oct 2015

ACEworld Today
26 oct 2015


There lived a donkey in a village,this donkey belonged to a rich man who could only afford having one.

Out of envy,the other villagers decided to kill the donkey,
they dug a grave of about 10 feets and threw the donkey in.

After the donkey had been left standing in this pit,they decided to bury it alive and Five huge men started throwing sands on it.

But as soon as every throw of sand fell on it,this donkey would shake it off and take a little step on it upward.
This went on till the donkey was able to be raised by the sands to an height it could easily jump out of the pit.
He then hopped out and escaped.

The villagers were left amazed as they could not comprehend how a donkey will shake the sands that was ought to bury it off and use it as a stepping floor to escape.


Do you know that the intents of the villagers was to bury the donkey?
But this animal would shake those sands off and would lift itself up.
Do you know the stones they throw at you is just enough to build yourself a Mansion?
Do you know their frustrations against you is a push mechanism for you to be in tally with God.

Make positive impacts with negative situations.

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