ACEworld Today 27 oct 2015

ACEworld Today
27 oct 2015


A hunter was in the bush as usual in search for his daily bread.
Then suddenly he heard the cry of an animal
He moved closer and saw a little newborn lion being stucked by a wood

He had compassion and picked it up,he took it home for treatment and after a while,he grew some likeness for this baby lion and he caged it

Over the years,he had domestically cater for it till the little lion grew old,it grew but was still in the cage.

One day,the hunter’s only daughter was getting married,all visitors and well wishers were there to felicitate.
All was going smoothly just until a mad man entered the compound.
Since everyone was busy serving,eating,dancing and greeting at the barkyard where the event took place

The mad man entered and ignorantly let loose the lion.
A lion is a lion even if it lives in the Holy place of Heaven,
this lion gained freedom,it tore the mad man to pieces and headed straight to the party.

The lion end up savoring everybody present including the bride and groom but because of some traditional powers present on the hunter,he escaped death and killed the lion

Then this hunter looked around and saw his family,friends and well wishers torn into pieces,each in flood of blood

The hunter looked up but God appeared to be on vacation,he shot another bullet from his gun and that went through his skull
He committed suicide
{by Micheal Ace of ACEworld}


* Even without bullet,a double barrel is a gun and can never be a walking stick
* Whether you have the whole book of psalm in your head or not,a dance with the devil with only earn you a Duplex in hell

* No matter how hard you cook a stone,its Hard
* No matter how you train a goat,its stubborn
* Send a sheep to Army Academy,it will still end as a fool
Nature keeps somethings constant

Take it or Leave it
What is bad is always bad
Two wrong can never make a right

Message from ACEworld

Whether you stone us or spit at us at ACEworld
We will always love and come to you.
Smiles…its just our nature.
You can still get your copy of Armageddon season 1 as you await the season 2


Good Morning
We love you



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