ACEworld Today 28 oct 2015

ACEworld Today
28 oct 2015


A dog was on its run home,it was going gently just until it saw another dog about 2km ahead,
The feeling sprouted in it and it decided to catch up and race past the other dog,then it increased its speed,more,more and more
Even though the other dog was never aware it was being competited with.

Then finally it caught up,raced past and left the other dog behind.
What good is there than leading in any competition,the dog thought.
Happiness clouded its face just until it noticed it has missed its way,it had left its normal route behind

The dog was suppose to make a turn to its owners’s house at a kilometer behind but because it was carried away by the So-called competiton,it had missed the way and had to turn back in search.

If life would be a competition then
* we should all be born the same day and time
*we should all die at the same time
* we should all be given the same opportunities
* there will then be no destiny

Life is a race of different destinations,you don’t have to trend on my path and I won’t on yours either

The only thing I tend to gain from my neighbours achievements is Encouragement and a Bowl of Rice with meat for celebration.

Do not be carried away with others achievements,just focus on your dream and I bet it,we will all meet at the top.

Life is not about Achievement but Fulfillment

Message from ACEworld

We started this program not too long ago and sincerely there had been responses and turn-ups from our audience.
We thank you for your words of encouragement and your honourable visits to our website.

The whole Family of ACEworld says…
*Thank you
*Good morning
*We love you

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