Flash of Armageddon season 1

Micheal Ace of ACEworld brings you……

The Flash of Armageddon season 1

Episode 1 to 3
My father told us the story of a Stranger,the sorcerer and his daughter,
That’s actually one of his stories all nights

Episode 3
On Jan 1,1985. My father gave me a book titled {Armaggeddon(one more grieve)},he told me to read one chapter per year,so I will read the 10 chapters for ten years.
on the 3rd of March,that same year,I lost both father and mother to death.

Episode 4
On the 6th of june 1985,I opened the first chapter of this book and I read…
{Son,I welcome you to your Amargeddon,your 10 years of grieve}
I was disturbed but still everything was well until I had a dream one night
I saw my dad who took me to a room where I saw the picture of a boy roaming about the world in search of a treasure.
Then I saw another door ahead,I tried to open but then I woke

Episode 5
I woke and that morning was the last time I saw my sister,I searched for a whole year but to no avail,then I reckoned the dream of the boy in search of treasure to the missing of my sister,I was in dilemma.
Then on the 6th of june 1986,I opened the second chapter and it read
{Welcome to your second year of Armageddon son,Now its time you taste some milk of Love}
I dreamt again that night and I opened the second door,
there I saw a pregnant girl with a man standing behind her and……

If you have not read this story before,read the full version by clicking this link…


Season 2 is presently being arranged and reviewed for your easy reading and understanding




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