Armageddon Season 2 episode 1

Armageddon 2 (some more grieves)
Episode 1

I saw a young girl that’s pregnant,I saw a young man behind her and I saw another door ahead,that would be the third door
I moved close to the third door then my father appeared,
You can’t go in there yet son!!!,he exclaimed
That was the question I asked then I woke.

Immediately this morning light shone on me,I stood up,picked up a pen and moved out of the house.
My neighbours had some insinuations that I am being possessed or insane but I see myself as normal,
It was until I got to a bush where I can no more find the way home that I realized I was out of my mind,I had lost the way to all I have.

I was in this thick bush roaming about just until I saw a hunter one day,I was nearly killed by him but finally God saved me and he had some pity and took me home.

I have not been used to girls but when I saw this hunter’s daughter,my heart flew of its dorm.
She was a replica of a glowing albumen,her eyeball were like pixels on the white sky,but when she smiled,I forgot who I was and where I was,a silvery liquid fell from my mouth.

We kept the stare as the hunter introduced us. Her name was Aduke.
Aduke was an Angel,she was 16years old when we meet.
The hunter will leave for the bush all morning and Aduke and I will be home peeping looks at one another since we weren’t that close yet


One day,Aduke was at the backyard taking her bath,I stumbled there ignorantly as I wasn’t used to that kind of life,
I met Aduke naked but because of some splash of soap still in her eyes,she could not see me,I quickly turned back but the memory kept coming.
It was that day I knew Aduke was not only better facially,she was the best at Figures.
What a sexy shape I thought.

On that day,I grew some feelings of lust coupled with my love for her and it came to a reality when I finally had Adike in my ……….

Don’t worry,continue the story with the episode 2, just click this link

Micheal Ace


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