Armageddon season 2 episode 2

Armageddon 2 (some more grieves)
Episode 2

I had some feelings of Lust for Aduke but all came to a reality when I finally had her in my rings of love
I never knew the feelings was mutual. Aduke loved me too.

Prior to my seeing her Nude,I only look at her face but after I had stumbled on her naked body,my eyes had always penetrated her blouse to see the fresh round bulb that blessed her chest.
This thought drove me to drive Aduke to bed. it wasn’t rape but I led her to this world of Fractional Illusions of a Random Momentary Menaced enjoyment.

The love got stronger,because it wasn’t a single event,its a recurring one.
The hunter will be in the bush killing animals while I will be on bed shooting bullets at his daughter.

This kept on for a while till misery downed on us…
Aduke was pregnant

The hunter got to know real quick as as a punishmenta,he sent both of us out, we left in tears for the bust.
Close to ten months after,Aduke wanted to give birth.

I took her a village nurse and when the news of delivery was out,there were two news
The nurse said…
Congratulations,you are now a father
But I could sense something,then I asked for the bad news,
To my suprise,she said……

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Micheal Ace


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