Straying Dignity by Jamesconco

Straying Dignity

She sat like a goddess of the Holy stream, looking innocently just like the baby backed before me on the bus conveying us to Lagos. In a matter of seconds I found out she’s a sanguine like I am, she asked “what’s the model of your tab? Is it HTC?” This made us ensue in a conversation that lasted till she alighted.

As I spat my carefully selected words beside her, my gazes couldn’t change their directions from the bumpy balls on the tree of her assumed virginity. I tried my best not to make her feel embarrassed with my eyes littered on her body structure, though she smiled to make me feel less ashamed.

Not up to thirty minutes of this long but short journey, I had been able to sync her Biodata in my brain, even her educational level, which gave me a gateway to my hidden agenda. I had started calculating the numbers of years left for us to get cuffed at the altar. That is to show how charming she was.

From her shoulders, my left arm had been permitted to crave through the contours on her body, I could guess she had fallen for my poetic words. I wouldn’t know my poesy would turn out to be a serenade, in a twinkle of an eye, she had been nodding her head on my shoulder . There, I muttered in my mind, “I’m winning”.

So, I tried to elongate our conversation till she told me she would be alighting soon, when I remembered I needed to convince my dissonance about what gave me such luck over her. Then, I asked for her age, only for me to realize I had been fantasizing with a minor, then I knew I had to respect myself.

Jamesconco says good evening


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