7 o’clock: All episodes Compiled

7 O’clock

Episode 1
Did i not tell you we need just three heads,why are
five people here?
don asked.
Am sorry sir,i thought some of them might not be
useful so that was why we carry excess.
Mato replied
Mato had dubiously kidnapped this victims,Three
were male,the others female,
Had they been sick on that day,they wouldnt have
been chosen by the devil.
Ellyn was already out of her world,she looked empty
expecting the worst.
Next to her was Sam,
Sam,the most handsome of all men,charming face
with dimple,sam had forgotten he is a man,weeping
Mr and Mrs Tade sat close to eachother,both
shivering like a doomed fowl under snow
They hoped for the best to escape just for their kids
at home but as well expect the worst.
John the saint was standing afar,leaning against the
wall,had Jesus forsaken him?,well none can tell
He kept peeping through the roof if he will see God,s
They were the dejected Five awaiting an unexpected
and horror death.
At a moment they all overheard the most damned
voice of their life
Its don speaking
He said,make sure those five are safe,when its 7
O’clock tomorrow,we give their heads to the god
But when night falls,something strange happened…..

Episode 2
Then at the dead of the night,a heavy rain began to
fall,heavier than fall in Noah’s time,
Heavy that mato left the victims and went to get a
better cover,he believed the roar of the thunder
would be a better guard than the black colour of his
But lo and behold like the first apostles will
write,mato came back for a peeping check and found
only the victim’s scent dancing round the room
Mato then laughed as he couldnt remember how to
cry,he added a deadly look to his ugly face and its
enough to tremendously chase a monster.
The worst is Don is already coming and he knew his
boss is capable of using his intestine as a measuring
It was at that moment he realised being able to
commit suicide at will is a blessing,no other escape
means from Don’s wrath,then he put the gun to his
head and it released a hot semen of bullet,Men,he
Don came and saw what has happened,he wanted to
call mato’s name for an errand in heaven before he
saw him lay dead.
Then don bent to give him a pat and he said to his
uncovered eyes…God saved you
Don took other men and they chase after the escaped
John the saint was already singing hymns in the bush
they all were
the breeze left by the rain played the melody as
others could hear him sing…….
…”thank you Jesus,you are faithful to me,the world
proved wicked,but you had conquered them”….
Before he could finish the verse,Mr Tade called him
and said, “John,i dont think your God has
conquered,i think he is still on the battlefield,
because i could hear the sound of a snake.
John hissed as he said…”My God said he has given
me the power to step on snakes”
But the kind of snake coming is beyond the power
given to John as the snake hissed and take a sharp
bite from John’s leg.
The breeze stopped its melody as it couldn’t
understand why john switched from gospel songs to
painful wails

Episode 3
At exactly 7:00 in the morning
Mr and Mrs Tade,Sam and Ellyn were already
trembling knowing their time of death has come
John the saint was still busy with his imaginations,he
was brought back to real life with the hit of mato’s fist
John got up and stuck a finger between his teeth
so all the rain,escape and snake bite were mere
John’s imaginations.
They were all taking to the shrine…
Sam and Ellyn held eachother’s hand and was
praying in their heart,the duo has actually had some
conversations and eventually became friends
Mr and Mrs Tade were walking slowly,slowly but
drenched in fear,they thought about their kids at
home and Mrs Tade gave a pass to tears
John this time was throwing stones of prayer to God.
He was also scared as the white of wasted skulls
caught his eyes.
Don ask all of them them to sit and john closed his
eyes,what could john be doing with his eyes closed?
Blood splashed as Mr Tade’s head rolled on the
Mrs Tade also met her doom and she lay flat without
her head
Ellyn was beheaded and so was Sam
But when its the turn of John,mato raised up the
cutlass and immediately there was a shout of….

Episode 4
John was made to open his eyes as he was called
upon,he was the first to be beheaded
Did you remember he closed his eyes when don ask
them to sit?
He was imagining again
John crawled to the edge of cutlass and as he was
about to be killed,
There was a statement of apprehension as the Police
came to their rescue
An hunter had noticed them earlier and informed the
Don, mato and other men of evil were apprehended
All the victims got saved,
Ellyn gave a hot hug to Sam
Mr Tade carried his wife in moment of joy
John was dancing without drums,he was filled with
praises to God
John smiled and said to me,
Micheal,i pray i dont find myself in that situation,
I laughed and affirm it,
I had to leave John’s place now,Its 7 O’clock

Micheal Ace


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