ACEworld Today 30 oct 2015

ACEworld Today
30 oct 2015


Stanley was a qualified and highly respected medical doctor,he had a wife who was pregnant.
But stanley had always been a diligent man that dedicates all his time to work and little or no time to his family.
Stanley would go to work as early as 6:45am in the morning,he would come back home by 9pm and when its time for emergency,he would leave for work even during the midnight.

Stanley’s wife complained of a slight abdominal ache one afternoon,stanley gave her some pills and left for work,stanley never came home that day,he was busy with patients at the Hospital.

When stanley was coming home in the following morning,he branched at the supermarket,he bought all kinds of feminine stuffs,all lovely shoes and bags for his wife but when he got home he met his wife in the drench of blood.

He met his wife’s phone still hanging in her hands,then he picked it up to check,he saw she was calling him,it was then he checked his phone,he met her missed calls right from the other day.

The ache became chronic and she called her husband but stanley was too busy to save her life even though he saved the world’s at work.

The most painful thing in life is regret.
Don’t keep giving the world cake while your family and loved ones are starving for bread.
No matter how busy you are,always find time to remember and cater for those you are responsible for.

Remember the world will only pass by when they see you Naked,only your family and loved ones will dare lose their clothes to cover you instead.

Blood is not only thicker but also precious than water

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