Beyounce Season 2

Beyounce Season 2
(My return as demon)

Episode 1
…21years after my death….
Pyaar sat Dave down one afternoon.
Dave has always been inquisitive about who his dead
father was
Pyaar said,Dave,today i tell you about your father, so
listen my son
Your Father was the only heir of our great ruler
Beyounce,i got to tell him i had you in me just when
he was about to die,but he died to save us
He was killed by His mother Beyounce!!!
At this juncture,dave stood on his feet,and said,but
mother,enough is the unbelievable stuff you just said
that i am a grandson of that wicked witch,what are
you now telling me that a Mother kill his own son?
Pyaar smiled and reply,Beyounce is the most wicked
witch in this planet and actually your father’s intents
on that day was to kill his mother before the table
turned around.
So Pyaar stood and said,Dave,today you clock 20
and here i am to tell you the words your father left
for you,he said…
“Say to my unborn son who i name David that his
father never died but slept he (Dave) must kill
Beyounce and take over the throne.he must rule this
Pyaar added,that is your mission son,
Pyaar now turned back just as tears found its way out
of her eyes but just before she walk out, Dave
shouted and ask in anger…
You told me about a father whom i dont even know
his name!!!
Dave asked,Mother,whats is my father’s name?
Pyaar opened her mouth and said…

Episode 2
Pyaar turned back and said
Your father’s name is….well,i will tell you when the
time comes but for now,focus on the quest.
Pyaar left the room leaving David in severe mood of
David applied for a post of palace servant,that he did
to get access to beyounce.
David was finally selected and started work as the
queen’s messanger.
On this faithful day,David left the palace to check on
his mother(Pyaar) at home,he was as well thinking
about the best means to take Beyounce out of throne
whenever he return to the palace.
David got home and To his Doom,their house was
shanty,everything scattered and the worst thing that
happened is…..
Pyaar has been kidnapped,
David ran up and down the neighbourhood but all to
no avail.
he called for help on the whereabout of his
mother,no one responded but suddenly
He saw a piece of paper on a table,he picked it and
“You have 7days to kill beyounce,failure leads to your
mother’s death.”
and lo, David looked up,he saw ………

Episode 3
Maybe my mother was actually taken to the
palace,David said
because he could see that the letter was written by
his motber,
he thought,maybe she deliberately wrote this to
make me run back to the palace,so David left in haste
and headed for the palace.
As soon as he entered the palace gate,the
messangers called on him that he is needed in the
queen’s quarter
He entered and saw the so called witch Beyounce but
she wasn’t in her elegance but in a wrap of cloth,she
is damn sick,to greater suprise,he saw his mother
facing beyounce and having a dialogue with her.
Damn it,he was right about the letter issue.
Beyounce now call him to come closer,she told him
Pyaar was kidnapped by her because she needed to
know who her grandson is.
David now ask,
Woman,what the hell do you need my mother for and
why do you seek about me?
Beyounce replied in tears…
The only son i had and killed myself came to my
dreams last night,He came as a demon,he told me to
make you the King,he said he will not kill me but
make me sick for the rest of my life.
And that am doing now,am abdicating the throne for
David replied in anger
Old woman,i will never become a king of this Cursed
land.i will take my mother and leave,Die with your
kingdom or live with it,i dont care
David took pyaar and they both left and when they
got to their destroyed home,pyaar ask,
David,now that you have rejected the throne and our
home is blown out,where do we go
David asked in return,
Mother,where is father buried?
Pyaar replied, he was buried outside the city because
he planned to kill the queen.
David now said.
We will go to where father was buried and build a
new nation,we will build it With father, Just Him,you
and I
Pyaar smiled and left with David and when they got to
where i was buried……?

Episode 4
Final Episode
They got to where i was buried and David ask…
Mother,what is my father’s name
Pyaar replied,i will tell you soon
20 years later
A new nation was born named ACEworld
And David as King
David married a queen and had a Son
And i am named…the Emperor of ACEworld
Pyaar named…the Mother of ACEworld
But on one faithful day,David put down the
crown,picked up a knife and went to pyaar…
He said mother,Tell me now or never,tell me now or i
cut my throat
Mother, What is my father’s name? !!!!
Pyaar opened her mouth and this time she was ready
to tell him and she answered and said……
Its 7am already,remember you have lecture 8am this
David shouted at me!!!
Am sorry to have made you read this far
David is my classmate and actually my class rep
Pyaar is my Ex,though her real name is Love
Beyounce was my primary school teacher who hated
me so much for my shortness,though her real name
was Racheal,i really hate her too even till date,
Damn it,she was a witch.
and my name is actually Micheal
my world am building is ACEworld
this has been my dream overnight,i hope i dream

Micheal Ace


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