Daddy is an Ingrate

Daddy is an Ingrate

Have you forgotten
The day mum and you were at the market
And rain began to fall
She gave you a room in her wrapper to hide
While she was cheerfully welcoming the falls

and what did Dad say when you got home?
Mine just opened the door,looked at us in our wet clothe
Said Welcome and turned back,Nothing more
Sincerely,daddy is an ingrate

Let me remind you
That night when the PHCN cheated you what belongs to them
Your mum sentenced the wood to a fire squad just to cook for Dad

And what did dad say when he came home?
Mine just ate the food and complain as usual
No thanks,No smiless
Seriously,Daddy is an Ingrate

You must remember this
That moment when you felt dismayed
All because you couldn’t pay your lesson fee
You swan home in tears and mummy borrowed the money for you

And what did Dad say when he knew?
Mine said…Thank God
Though he couldn’t afford the money himself
He was also too bad at appreciation

Did mum do all this for love
Or for God
We don’t know but we say to her
Thank you mummy

Micheal Ace


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