Funny people on my Whatsapp

Funny people on my WhatsApp list.

1. Someone on his status “Sleeping” since 3 days. He’s probably dead.

2. Someone is “Driving” since 5 days! I guess he hasn’t reached Dubai!

3. Someone’s status is “Happy” since 1 month. Living in Paradise I guess?

4. Someone is always “Available”. How free are you?

5. From first day their status is, “Hey there! I’m using WhatsApp” I Know, that’s why you’re on my list!

6. Someone writes “Urgent calls only”. Don’t get it… Are you in the police or ambulance service?

7. Someone says, “Can’t talk, WhatsApp only”. Dude then throw away your phone, you’re not using the phone’s primary function.

8. Someone is “At the movies” for the past 6 weeks. Either he owns the theater or sells popcorn there, just guessing

9. Someone’s own “At school”. What the hell are we gonna do about your being in school, save us the story, it’s all yours not for us.

10. Someone puts “Busy” for 2 months and a week. She must be very busy probably “picking beans” or breaking melons

11. This pisses off most, “Battery about to die” for 3 consecutive months. Should we contact PHCN concerning the power situation of your house or buy you new generator?

12. How can someone be “At the gym” for 4 months? Is he preparing himself for a race against Usain Bolt or he/she want fight with JOHN CENA?

13. You’re always “In a meeting” then focus on the meeting and quit WhatsApp, or Is WhatsApp the venue for the meeting?

You could add yours in the comments box below…


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