The Log Book: Full story

The Log book

Hot liquid wet my pant.
Had I known, I wouldn’t have conformed with Cappo.

at least,I have a car,am kind of brilliant with 4.5 as GP.
I live in a self-contained apartment,everyone knows me on campus,
But why would Angelina refuse to date me?.I love this girl.
Maybe its her C-cup or her W-back,maybe its her figure,I can’t even say.I just fell for her

Cappo saw me at a distance,he captured the glance of my countenance and came closer.
What is wrong dude?,cappo asked
I told him how hard it had been for me to score in Angelina’s net.
Cappo smiled and promised me an Hat trick
How?,I asked ignorantly but he smiled and promised to let me know what’s up the following day.

On this sunny friday afternoon,I was in class when my phone rang,it was cappo.I picked and he asked me to come by to meet him behind the Pagoda’s Hall

I rushed out and when I met him,he had already kidnapped Angelina and two of her friends,
Four eyes meet,it was Angelina’s and mine.
She couldn’t believe i do hang out with Cappo.
Cappo the rough guy,the leader of Igunnugun(one of the most dangerous devilish fraternity group on our campus)

I felt disgraced as Cappo told her i requested his help because I wanted to rape her.Cappo commanded Angelina to lie flat with her legs open,she conformed after he pointed a gun at her,
Cappo faced me and said…
Ace,Oya score your goals freely.

How do I treat this devil that answers without being questioned? ,
how do i cleanse myself off this guilt in Angelina’s mind?.
Should I score this goals and lose the chances of marring Angelina?
Or let it go and erupt a fight between Cappo( the devil’s boy) and I(a mere penner)???

The Log book (cont)

I decided not to score in Angelina’s net even though I would have to face off with cappo.
Cappo pointed the gun at me and ask me to start the firing but I refused,but before I knew it,I had gone deaf to hear the sound of the gun as I only found myself on the ground.the bullet went through my right chest.

Cappo left immediately and Angelina stood to lift me,she was weeping while I was dying,
Although I was scared to die but I was happy that Angelina could hold me in her hands.
I closed my eyes unknowingly and after two days I opened it on the sick bay,it was another moment of joy because the first person I would see is Angelina.

She then asked…
Why did you refuse to rape me?
I answered and said…
Because am saving an answer for this question am about to ask.
Angelina sighted and asked me what question is it.

Would you be Mine???,so I asked

But angelina gave a little frown but later smiled and gave me the answer,she said……

“I wouldn’t if am insane but because am in my right sence. I would be yours”

I knew the Angels would have written that day in their LOG BOOK as my happiest day ever.The Log Book


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