Armageddon season 2 compiled

Armageddon 2 (some more grieves)

I saw a young girl that’s pregnant,I saw a young man behind her and I saw another door ahead,that would be the third door
I moved close to the third door then my father appeared,
You can’t go in there yet son!!!,he exclaimed
That was the question I asked then I woke.

Immediately this morning light shone on me,I stood up,picked up a pen and moved out of the house.
My neighbours had some insinuations that I am being possessed or insane but I see myself as normal,
It was until I got to a bush where I can no more find the way home that I realized I was out of my mind,I had lost the way to all I have.

I was in this thick bush roaming about just until I saw a hunter one day,I was nearly killed by him but finally God saved me and he had some pity and took me home.

I have not been used to girls but when I saw this hunter’s daughter,my heart flew of its dorm.
She was a replica of a glowing albumen,her eyeball were like pixels on the white sky,but when she smiled,I forgot who I was and where I was,a silvery liquid fell from my mouth.

We kept the stare as the hunter introduced us. Her name was Aduke.
Aduke was an Angel,she was 16years old when we meet.
The hunter will leave for the bush all morning and Aduke and I will be home peeping looks at one another since we weren’t that close yet


One day,Aduke was at the backyard taking her bath,I stumbled there ignorantly as I wasn’t used to that kind of life,
I met Aduke naked but because of some splash of soap still in her eyes,she could not see me,I quickly turned back but the memory kept coming.
It was that day I knew Aduke was not only better facially,she was the best at Figures.
What a sexy shape I thought.

On that day,I grew some feelings of lust coupled with my love for her,

I had some feelings of Lust for Aduke but all came to a reality when I finally had her in my rings of love
I never knew the feelings was mutual. Aduke loved me too.

Prior to my seeing her Nude,I only look at her face but after I had stumbled on her naked body,my eyes had always penetrated her blouse to see the fresh round bulb that blessed her chest.
This thought drove me to drive Aduke to bed. it wasn’t rape but I led her to this world of Fractional Illusions of a Random Momentary Menaced enjoyment.

The love got stronger,because it wasn’t a single event,its a recurring one.
The hunter will be in the bush killing animals while I will be on bed shooting bullets at his daughter.

This kept on for a while till misery downed on us…
Aduke was pregnant

The hunter got to know real quick and as a punishment ,he sent both of us out, we left in tears for the bush.
Close to ten months after,Aduke wanted to give birth.

I took her a village nurse and when the news of delivery was out,there were two news
The nurse said…
Congratulations,you are now a father
But I could sense something,then I asked for the bad news,
To my suprise,she said……

We actually tried our best but we lost your wife.

After all weeping and gnashing,life still went on. I took my daughter and we headed to the bush,i named the girl after her mother (Aduke).the girl was so pretty that even the birds sang for her,the snakes danced,the heir and cheetah ran race for her,the lion roared in joy,everything God made came on her favour.

On the night of june 1987,i was lying on a sheet of leaves under a cave with my precious daughter,I reminisced my life,how I came from millions to cypher, how I lost my parents and sister and how Aduke my wife died.
But one thing consoled me,the gentle smiles of my peaceful daughter,before I slept that night,I picked the book of Armageddon my late father gave me again,I opened to the third chapter.
I wasn’t that scared to read because I hoped for the best but expected the worst.

The third chapter read…
“””You are really brave son,Now take your daughter and head back to the city”””

Then I slept off,into another dreamland.
I went straight to the third room and I could see nothing,I moved to the fourth room,everything was vast,I opened the fifth room,nothing more than the blowing of air, I opened the sixth but I could only see another door ahead.
I stepped to open the seventh door but the more I push,the more it gets harder,there is actually a force pulling it back,I tried all I could,at last I opened but I couldn’t get to see what was inside before I woke.

I woke and to my surprise,I immediately knew the way back to my house in the city,it was like I was being blindfolded all while.
I took my daughter and we both ran back home.
When I got home I opened the gate and when I entered,I met my lost sister inside,

She narrated how she got lost,she actually walked her friend out when she got kidnapped but she escaped even though her friend was killed,I told her how I came about Aduke,we ate that night and slept in peace

June 6 1988,I opened the fourth chapter,it was an empty page,then I closed it,we lived that year through in peace

June 6 1989,I opened the fifth book,it was empty again as I closed,and we lived again the year in peace

June 6 1990 came like others,the sixth page was empty too and we live a peaceful life

But on June 6 1991,I opened the seventh chapter,my heart was in fear as I remember how hard it was for me to open the seventh door in the dream,
Finally I flipped to the seventh page, it was actually a half-torn page,but I was able to read the writing.
It reads…

“””Son,hope you enjoyed your four years of peace,now let move back to business”””

This night,I weeped the last drop of tears and when I slept,I found myself in the third room,I saw a man locked in a cage,I saw a lady and a little girl crying outside,it was like the man was about to be killed,
I moved past this seventh room and I opened the eight door,then I woke.

I was on the street this afternoon,my sister and daughter were home,I never knew when I got into a Police patrol van,I was drove to the station and thrown behind the cell.
All investigation couldn’t prove me wrong as the other gangs involved the innocent me just because I ignorantly stood where they just operated.

It was like a dream,but it was now I thought of something,
Could all this be destiny?
So I asked myself

Then after some months in the prison,I asked my sister who had come to check on me for my book,she brought it but was reluctant to give me as she demanded what was inside the book and why do I have to read it only on the sixth of june every year.
I promised her an explanation later and when I was about to sleep that night,I read the Eight chapter.
It reads….
“””Now your life ends soon,it is time you die”””

I never knew what made me to sleep after reading this awful statement,I found myself in the eight room,I saw an old man pointing gun at a boy and before he could shoot,I saw an old woman protecting him,the woman took the bullet but I guess the woman was a ghost because the bullet had no effect on her.
Then before I woke,my late mother appeared in the dream,she said this words to me…

***Your fate is not in the writing of the book,
And this is what you must do,you must…***

Then I woke

Immediately I woke,I saw an officer,he was the one that woke me,I couldn’t hear the steps I had to take in changing my destiny from my mother because it was time i face the judgment.I was dragged to the court
I demanded a moment,they granted it and I took a little step away,I collected a match,I set the book on fire,I burnt the book titled Armageddon(one more grieve)

Immediately this book got burnt,I noticed a change of atmosphere in the court,the leader of the gang just began the stand of a witness to prove my innocence,the other men followed,they proved am innocent of the matter and after a while I was discharged and acquitted.

The year went vast and on the night of June 6 1992,I couldn’t read any book since the book is already burnt,I slept in peace,there were no dreams.

On the night of june 6 1993,all went the same.
On june 6 1994,everything went well again but on the night of june 6 1995,I had another dream.

I found myself in the tenth room,I met my dad there but to my surprise,the man I saw as my dad changed to its real nature and I saw the strange being.
The ghost being my father told me was in search of his daughter’s son,the one that came to our house that night I was watching vampire diaries with my sister.

Immediately i saw this strange being, I remember the story of the Sorcerer,his daughter and the stranger my father told me ten years ago.

The strange being told me he was the one who killed my father and mother,he was the one that manipulated the mind of my father to give me the book of Armageddon,he was the one who wrote the book.
He had being the one manipulating my life using my father’s image for the past 10 years.

He said to me.
***I killed your father and manipulated him because he told you a lie about me,I was never a sorcerer who was in search of a son,he just framed up a story to cover the true incidence,I am his friend whom he killed a long time ago all because of money,he killed me and here I am for revenge,because he manipulated who I am,I killed him and your mother and I decided to take my utmost revenge on you his son.

Then I thought…
* So there was never a story of a sorcerer being in search of a son
* so the man who had being tailoring my life isn’t my father but the strange being I saw long ago.
* So I have being paying for the wrong deeds of my father.

Then this strange being and I started a fight,but soon enough,I became weak,he was about to kill me when my read dad appeared,my mum appeared too and we killed him.
My father apologized for telling me a lie about who the strange being was,he said he couldn’t tell me the truth then when the strange being first came because he was guilty,he ordered me to take a specific amount of wealth to his friend’s family and when we finished all reunion in the dream,I woke.

I woke and I saw my sister and my little daughter dancing with candles in their hands,it was my birthday,I was 28.
I sat them down after all merriments and told them all what has being happening.

Finally,I won this battle,
But had I not read this book at all,
had I not lived a life based on someone’s writing,
had I chose my own destiny,
I wouldn’t have wasted 10 years of my life paying for my father’s wrong deed.

Had I being close to God,
Had I ever knelt and pray
Had I seeked God’s eye during the predicament,
I wouldn’t have suffered all this while.

I picked up the pen I took when I left home to the bush years ago.
I took a note and started my own writing.

I titled it…
“””Armageddon(No More Grieves)


Do not live your life according to someones’s dictates.
Do not accept any bad situation,
Give God a chance in your life and he will direct your ways

Micheal Ace
(C)ACEworldArmageddon season 2


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