Armageddon season 2 episode 3

Armageddon season 2
Episode 3

The good news?
You are now a father of a bouncing baby girl
So the nurse said
And the bad news?
We actually tried our best but we lost your wife.

After all weeping and gnashing,life still went on. I took my daughter and we headed to the bush,i named the girl after her mother (Aduke).the girl was so pretty that even the birds sang for her,the snakes danced,the heir and cheetah ran race for her,the lion roared in joy,everything God made came on her favour.

On the night of june 1987,i was lying on a sheet of leaves under a cave with my precious daughter,I reminisced my life,how I came from millions to cypher, how I lost my parents and sister and how Aduke my wife died.
But one thing consoled me,the gentle smiles of my peaceful daughter,before I slept that night,I picked the book of Armageddon my late father gave me again,I opened to the third chapter.
I wasn’t that scared to read because I hoped for the best but expected the worst.

The third chapter read…
“””You are really brave son,Now take your daughter and head back to the city”””

Then I slept off,into another dreamland.
I went straight to the third room and I could see nothing,I moved to the fourth room,everything was vast,I opened the fifth room,nothing more than the blowing of air, I opened the sixth but I could only see another door ahead.
I stepped to open the seventh door but the more I push,the more it gets harder,there is actually a force pulling it back,I tried all I could,at last I opened but I couldn’t get to see what was inside before I woke.

I woke and to my surprise,I immediately knew the way back to my house in the city,it was like I was being blindfolded all while.
I took my daughter and we both ran back home.
When I got home I opened the gate and when I entered,I met my lost sister inside,

She narrated how she got lost,she actually walked her friend out when she got kidnapped but she escaped even though her friend was killed,I told her how I came about Aduke,we ate that night and slept in peace

June 6 1988,I opened the fourth chapter,it was an empty page,then I closed it,we lived that year through in peace

June 6 1989,I opened the fifth book,it was empty again as I closed,and we lived again the year in peace

June 6 1990 came like others,the sixth page was empty too and we live a peaceful life

But on June 6 1991,I opened the seventh chapter,my heart was in fear as I remember how hard it was for me to open the seventh door in the dream,
Finally I flipped to the seventh page, it was actually a half-torn page,but I was able to read the writing.
It reads…

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Micheal Ace


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