Joke: #10 and #1000 notes

N1000 and N10 arrived at the central bank to
be retired. As they moved along they struck up a
conversation. D N1000 note told him about its
travels all over the country.” i have had a pretty
good life. D N1000 note proclaimed. “i have
been to lagos, kano, ibadan, and abuja. The
finest restaurants in victoria island, kaduna,
abuja and eastern Nigeria. even the hottest
Nite clubs all over the country.
Wow!! Shouted the N10 note.”U really had an
exciting lifetime!” so tell me, says the N1000
note. “where have you been throughout Ur
D N10 note replies: “oh!, me and my friend N20,
have been to the ECWA churches, Apostolic and
methodist churches.D redeemed christain
church, the Deeper life bible church, etc.
The N1000 note interrupts, “what is a church”?
“its a place where believers in jesus Christ
gather to worship God replied D N10,
my master neva took me there o said the
N1000 note
THEY Don’t Know There O


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