ACEworld today 30 oct 2015

ACEworld Today
31 oct 2015


She held my hand and took me to a grave yard,she pointed at a silvery grave and said…
“There lies a man destined to rule nations”

We moved further,she pointed at a golden grave and said again.
“There lies a boy fated to bring joy to his poor parent”

She pointed at another grave far away,this one was made of Ruby(one of the most precious stones ever)
She said…
“That is a woman,who Seven blessed nations should be born through”

She then looked my way and pointed at me.
She said…
Son,whatever you could do now,do it well.
There are better people than you but most of them are right under the ground,clothed in shining graves.
But your flesh is invaluable,its priceless,its the only place you can live in while you are alive. don’t dare lose it.

And as long as you live in there,do your best and try the rest,don’t just leave them.

Pick up a pen now an account for your life this month,then answer this questions…
1. How many lips have you brought smiles on?
2. How many goals have you attained
3. How long more do you think you need to live all you want.

Always see life like it will end tomorrow,see today as your only grace,
The utmost definition of ONE DAY is…
“there will be ONE DAY when people will throw dust on your face and you won’t be able to retaliate”

“When people will wear you a white garment and you won’t be able to check its fitting in the mirror”

“When people will cry on you and you won’t be able to wipe their tears”

In ACEworld(the world today)
* We don’t do our best and leave the rest
* We do our best and try the rest

So anything you can do now…Do it well

For the sake of saving a soul,please take the pain to share

Message from ACEworld

If you are touched by this,make a simple trip to
We leave you to the able hands of God.



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