ACEworld Today 1st Nov 2015

ACEworld Today


There was a Man who came to a seminar one day
he was a prominent businessman,and when it was his time to address.
He gave this illustration…

He dipped his hand to his pulse and handed out a #1000 note, he asked the audience
How much it was?
They replied,#1000

He then squeezed the money roughly and asked what the amount was again
Its #1000,the audience chorused again

Then he dropped the squeezed #1000 note and trampled it,he matched it well enough,he picked it up again and said
How much is this?
Its still #1000 naira,the audience answered in a faint voice.

Then he straightened the Note and said…

For the fact that someone rejects or degrades what you do or sell or who you are doesn’t depicts its or your value,its just a matter of their interest.
Even despite all harassments faced by the money from me,the value still remain constant.

The speaker continued,

He stretched out the #1000 note and asked the audience,
Who want this money?
Most of the audience raised their hands in interest
This kept on for a while until one woman ran out and snatched the money from the speaker

The Speaker now said,..
Many wants but few works
Most people have interest but they are too reluctant to take actions.
Act in Life

* Someone listened to your new track and hissed,he even deleted it
* Someone looked at what you write,draw,how you act and he felt disappointed
* Someone spits at the sight of your market or business
But whatever!!!
Because that should never discourage you. its based on their expectancy and interest,it does not reduce your value
Nothing good is a waste of Time,keep doing it and keep improving,you will succeed

Abraham Lincoln said and i quote…
“Good things come to those who wants but they are things left behind by those who hustle”
You don’t deserve things because you want them,you deserve them only if you work for them.
That is Life

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Good Morning and Happy new month
We love you



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