Armageddon 2 episode 5

Armageddon season 2
Episode 5

Immediately I saw this strange being, I remember the story of the Sorcerer,his daughter and the stranger my father told me ten years ago.

The strange being told me he was the one who killed my father and mother,he was the one that manipulated the mind of my father to give me the book of Armageddon,he was the one who wrote the book.
He had being the one manipulating my life using my father’s image for the past 10 years.

He said to me.
***I killed your father and manipulated him because he told you a lie about me,I was never a sorcerer who was in search of a son,he just framed up a story to cover the true incidence,I am his friend whom he killed a long time ago all because of money,he killed me and here I am for revenge,because he manipulated who I am,I killed him and your mother and I decided to take my utmost revenge on you his son.

Then I thought…
* So there was never a story of a sorcerer being in search of a son
* so the man who had being tailoring my life isn’t my father but the strange being I saw long ago.
* So I have being paying for the wrong deeds of my father.

Then this strange being and I started a fight,but soon enough,I became weak,he was about to kill me when my read dad appeared,my mum appeared too and we killed him.
My father apologized for telling me a lie about who the strange being was,he said he couldn’t tell me the truth then when the strange being first came because he was guilty,he ordered me to take a specific amount of wealth to his friend’s family and when we finished all reunion in the dream,I woke.

I woke and I saw my sister and my little daughter,I sat them down and told them all what has being happening.

Finally,I won this battle,
But had I not read this book at all,
had I not lived a life based on someone’s writing,
had I chose my own destiny,
I wouldn’t have wasted 10 years of my life paying for my father’s wrong deed.

Had I being close to God,
Had I ever knelt and pray
Had I seeked God’s eye during the predicament,
I wouldn’t have suffered all this while.

I picked up the pen I took when I left home to the bush years ago.
I took a note and started my own writing.

I titled it…
“””Armageddon(No More Grieves)


Do not live your life according to someones’s dictates.
Do not accept any bad situation,
Give God a chance in your life and he will direct your ways

Micheal Ace


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