Armageddon season 2 episode 4

Armageddon season 2
Episode 4

I opened the book and I read…
“””Son,hope you enjoyed your four years of peace,now let move back to business”””

This night,I weeped the last drop of tears and when I slept,I found myself in the third room,I saw a man locked in a cage,I saw a lady and a little girl crying outside,it was like the man was about to be killed,
I moved past this seventh room and I opened the eight door,then I woke.

I was on the street one afternoon,my sister and daughter were home,I never knew when I got into a Police patrol van,I was drove to the station and thrown behind the cell.
All investigation couldn’t prove me wrong as the other gangs involved the innocent me just because I ignorantly stood where they just operated.

It was like a dream,but it was now I thought of something,
Could all this be destiny?
So I asked myself

Then after some months in the prison,I asked my sister who had come to check on me for my book,she brought it but was reluctant to give me as she demanded what was inside the book and why do I have to read it only on the sixth of june every year.
I promised her an explanation later and when I was about to sleep that night,I read the Eight chapter.
It reads….
“””Now your life ends soon,it is time you die”””

I never knew what made me to sleep after reading this awful statement,I found myself in the eight room,I saw an old man pointing gun at a boy and before he could shoot,I saw an old woman protecting him,the woman took the bullet but I guess the woman was a ghost because the bullet had no effect on her.
Then before I woke,my late mother appeared in the dream,she said this words to me…

***Your fate is not in the writing of the book,
And this is what you must do,you must…***

Then I woke

Immediately I woke,I saw an officer,he was the one that woke me,I couldn’t hear the steps I had to take in changing my destiny from my mother because it was time i face the judgment.I was dragged to the court
I demanded a moment,they granted it and I took a little step away,I collected a match,I set the book on fire,I burnt the book titled Armageddon(one more grieve)

Immediately this book got burnt,I noticed a change of atmosphere in the court,the leader of the gang just began the stand of a witness to prove my innocence,the other men followed,they proved am innocent of the matter and after a while I was discharged and acquitted.

The year went vast and on the night of June 6 1992,I couldn’t read any book since I burnt its already burnt,I slept in peace,there were no dreams.

On the night of june 6 1993,all went the same.
On june 6 1994,everything went well again but on the night of june 6 1995,I had another dream.

I found myself in the tenth room,I met my dad there but to my surprise,the man I saw as my dad changed to its real nature and I saw the sorcerer.
The sorcerer my father told me was in search of his daughter’s son,the one that came to our house that night I was watching vampire diaries with my sister.


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Micheal Ace


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