On my cozy shoulders of relief
You lay your affectionate head
Telling me how the world –
A world of un-manly men –
Threw stones, spears of betrayal
On the glasses and shells
That guard your generous heart
Of its innocence and vulnerability.
Yet, you proclaim our togetherness
On a platonic base of like-minded-ness
With no tints of intimacy on the canvas
Of our colorful pigments of relationship,
Then you call me, a friend.
And you said:
‘I am your friend
You are my friend
I am your friend, my friend!’
On your way out to view the world
From the backdrop of your perception
You beckon me to accompany; a company,
With your soft, sentimental hands of care
Weaved into the spaces between my detached fingers
Which had been long drenched
In the warmth of solitude and independence.
Until I began to be infected
By the pathogens of your infectiousness
Obliterating my immunity of insensitivity
To any object of attraction – an opposite sex.
And now, I can only pretend, to do better
On my own, but not for any longer.
Yet, you claim to remain a chum.
As affable as you can be to anyone
While my sensual advance, you shun.
‘I am your friend
You are my friend.
I am your friend, my friend!’
Under the light of a thousand stars
That pierce through the apparels
Of the darkened sky,
We both sit and shared series
Of amorous moonlight tales
That reflected the reality that decorated
The gallery of our love-life.
While friends, foes and fiends
Watch as we walk in and out
Of every star-studded situation-ship
That defines the patterns of our relationship,
Generating generalized impressions
That common sense never jettison.
Yet, you insist, we’re no peas in a bud
Not even when you already have one.
‘I am your friend
You are my friend.
I am your friend, my friend!’
Now, I ask,
Why do you fuss and fret
Up and down the stage of our scene
Whenever I step on the other side
With the scents, sights and sounds
Of other pleasant, pleasurable damsels?
Why do you extract stories of my past
And replacing my time-taken thoughts
With histories of incidents about yours?
Why do you smother my sleep
While you lay your head on my pillow
Through the mouthpiece of my phone
Caressing my earlobes with your voice
Until the break of dawn?
And why do you deceive the world;
My friends, my family, my well-wishers
With your delusion, to my illusion;
That you are to help fulfill my future?
Numb, you’d stay…
But when I try to make my way
Back to my comfort zone, you’d delay.
‘I am your friend,
You’re my friend.
I am your friend, my friend!’

(c) 2015
All Rights Reserved


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