ACEworld Today 5th Nov 2015

ACEworld Today
5 nov 2015

A boy dreamt
He saw an old man coming closer to him,when the old man arrived,he handed him a short note.
On that note was written “Interest,Passion and Talent”(IPT),the old man showed him a big city ahead and told him the note he gave him is the pass to enter.
The boy went ahead and when he got to the gate of the big city,the security blocked him,they told him to master the three keys first,the boy ran to look for the old man but he was gone.

When the boy woke,he told me what happened in the dream and this is my response…

LESSON(my interpretation to the dream)

Have you ever seen a 3 month old baby teasing?,then he is a born-teaser

Football,music,writing,even acting might always interest you.
Sometimes it might be feminine,cooking,sewing,etc
Interests are:
1: what unconsciously occupies your time
2: things of your utmost priority
3: your source of pleasure

If you find yourself thinking of something now,then its you am talking to.

A friend will say…
If i am to die tomorrow,then i must have been an artist today!

He is actually not in for music because of Fame that dies in weeks or Money that cannot take him where some had left. its his passion. it goes deeper to heart than interest,its emotional
Passions are:
1: what dictates your interest
2: a subject of your emotion
3: an ignition to your spirit.

You must have something in mind now.

This is difficult in determining,because its impossible to be good at only one thing,out of the series,one must top.
In short,Talent is:
1: What occurs that ‘how you do it’,you can’t explain
2: What you do best even though you are ignorant of the trainings
3: That thing people appraise you about but you don’t often acknowledge it.

Something must be rumbling in you

CONCLUSION: (IPT): “the key”
If anything you think of when we talked about INTEREST is the same as that of PASSION and also the same as TALENT.
I mean if anything appear in your mind as the I, P and T
Then that is your key.
That things is your destiny,what you must do to excel.

I mean if that thing like singing,teaching,drawing,anything.
If anything appears common to the three subjects,that is your key.
Master that thing,do it,keep doing it and you will excel.

Message from ACEworld
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Good Morning

Micheal Ace of


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