Prison and Prisoner in Bed

A newly married couple were on the bed,the wife was a virgin and it was the first time they would do it.

The wife said…
Honey,I don’t know how to do this thing,please teach me.
The husband said…
Ok,my thing is the prisoner and your thing is the prison,all we just have to do it to put the prisoner in the prison.

After two rounds,the husband was tired,but the wife was so much enjoying it and she said…
Honey,the prisoner has escaped,let put it back in the prison.

The husband was shy to confess that he is tired so he went on another two rounds,as at now,he was totally exhausted,

The wife said again….
Why is the prisoner escaping that much,let put it in prison again.

The man wanted to refuse but he put up his last strength and went on one more round.
Now he is totally down as he was breathing heavily.

The wife again said….
The prisoner must not escape o,let put it there again jare.

Now the man shouted at her….
Abeg let him escape,No be life imprisonment now!!!


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