ACEworld Today 7th Nov 2015

ACEworld Today
7th nov 2015

I remember years ago,
I ran up to Mama and said,I am getting married
Mama said to me
Do you take time to know her?
I said
Mama,she is the best

I remember in church
Whenever the preacher ask you to read the scripture
You look so beautiful and innocent
I never knew behind that beauty lies the true colour that will destroy me in the nearest future

I just wish i could wake Mama from grave now and tell her i am getting divorced
I wish to remind Mama what she said to me that “Its not easy to understand people”

The choice i made didn’t come like i thought
I am sorry MaMa

{Cut from Its not Easy by Lucky Dube}

The deepest grave is a lifetime union with a person that is never meant to be.
Divorce is like exhuming a corpse,its nuisance
Think before you Date, Pray before you Marry

“Even when love blindfolds you, strain those bulb eyes to look through the fleshy veil”…Micheal Ace

Message from ACEworld
Remember your destiny become emburdened the moment you take the step to the alter.

We wish you Happy union now,in arrears, and in Advance.

Please save someone the regret by sharing

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