ACEworld Today october 6 2015

ACEworld Today
6th nov 2015


Daniel and Joel were classmates.
Joel happens to be born by a high profiled and influential man in the city,so because of this ego,he will always look down on daniel whose father is a taxi driver.

One day,Joel’s father came in his Range Rover to pick his son after school and as joel entered, joel’s father saw daniel afar, daniel appeared pitiful in his filthy cloth and joel’s father ask who the boy was, Joel just hissed and said ‘he is just an idiot in our class’,Joel’s father then drove out.

On another faithful day,Joel’s father was late,so daniel’s father came in his taxi and daniel entered,when they wanted to zoom off, joel fainted because of hunger and immediately,daniel and his father stopped to rescue him,they took him to a hospital,paid the bills and when he was discharged,they took him home.

When Joel wanted to enter his house,he said to daniel, “thank you friend” but daniel smiled and replied….
“Though am not as rich as you,am not as influential as you,am not as lucky as you but who knows you might need my help like today, So please, show me some respects”
Joel broke to tears.
{Written by Micheal Ace of ACEworld}

You earn Millions and we earn a thousand
Show us some respects
You fly in planes and we travel by feet.
Show us some respects
You are the genius and we are the dullards
Still,please show us some respects

Cook a dish with billions of naira,its still useless without salt.
A lion mistakes when it swallows a needle
A ship would float while a pin would sink

Life is about differences and when time turns on your side, embrace your predators but say to them…
“Show me some respects”

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Don’t be annoyed we don’t send the latter episodes of Armageddon season 2 to you,it is always a broadcast message and some doesn’t really want it. But for you that would like to read the full season, you can click this link

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