How I got pregnant for my Uncle

I am a girl of 17 years and I live alone with my dad,my uncle always come to our house to see my dad and everytime he doesn’t meet him at home,he will wait in the sitting room watching the TV

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then one day,he came as usual but my dad wasn’t around,so as he was waiting on the sofa watching the highlights of some matches. I came to serve him a cold water and as I bent,I didn’t know he was looking at my breast under the singlet I wore, and Immediately he got up back,he asked me if the door is locked, I said no, he then moved to the door and locked it.

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I was getting scared as I saw him getting somehow impatient.
He asked my to lie and open my legs and after some beating I did as he said,he then unzipped his jean and forced himself on me.
He raped me.
I cried and cried my last tears on that day but I had no mother who I could confide in,she died a long time ago. My father is always too busy for me,morever this my uncle had threatened to kill me anytime I talk about it to anyone.

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Whenever he comes, he would always time when my dad will be around so he will come earlier,he will have sex with me and this went on for months,
It was on the fourth month that I realised I was pregnant,it was discovered my one of my neighbours who I begged not to report to my father.
When I told this my uncle, he said I will abort it,he gave me some money and promise to come and take me to a doctor who will do it for me.

Please am in a dilema,I don’t have a mother anymore and am the only daughter.
What can I do???

You are reading from myaceworld


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