Top 8 things local girls do to get civilized

In order to feel among and to appear civilized,
most Nigerian local girls adopt a certain
mannerism that many consider very annoying.

1. They stop holding conversation with their
“This reminds when Prof Tosyne2much said some
ladies will stop greeting and holding conversation
with their neighbours the moment they find their way
into the university/polytechnic. There’s no two way
about this, only local girl act this way. After the
semester, they will return to the area and start
behaving to neighbour that they are no more of the
same class.

2. They scam guys
Some local ladies are even better than yahoo yahoo
guys when it comes to scamming guys. Just because
they need money for their upkeep, they will resort to
scamming guys who show them love. Their purpose
of going into relationships, is to seek financial
support because they want to look Behind.

3. They adopt fake accent
Some of them will even pretend that they don’t know
how to speak Yoruba even though their accent reeks
of Ijebu. They adopt fake accent even though it’s
obvious that they have never been to ordinary
Cotonou before. You may hear them speaking like the
Britons and Americans especially when you approach
them. Hardly will you understand what some of them
are saying. cheesycheesy

4. They use bosom and butt enhancer
Though this is peculiar to an average Nigerian lady
but the extent at which local girl do it, is annoying.
You will seeing them wearing undersized bra, padded
pant and bra to make themselves attractive to guys.
As dem no fine, na to use butt enhancer.

5. Frequent uploading of DPs
I have observed that when a local girl is opportune to
visit exotic shopping malls, she snaps numerous
pictures and use it sporadically on her BBM as if she
wants to contest for a pageant show. The most
annoying thing is that she will write it on her PM
having nice time at London.

6. They Claim “Hard to get”
Na dem dey do shakara pass when guys woo them.
Their shakara is out of this world. They are always
very selective. Give Jesus Christ to them and they will
find something to complain about him. gringrin

7. They claim wealthy background
It’s expected that every lady should take pictures at
good background but the way some ladies do it, is
very annoying. Some local girls can take pictures at
exotic places and they will drain your megabyte with
their frequent uploads gringrin

8. They go become secret Oloshos
This is a well known method for local ladies who
exchange their kitty cat for money. These are the
types you see saying they can’t date their mates,
rather, you flock around politicians, married men,
419s, etc, who never for once thought their destiny is
at stake. “


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