FA set rules to save chelsea from relegation

The FA has released new rules just to save Chelsea
from relegation.
See Rules Below:
1. Chelsea will be allowed to filed 13players during
home games and 15 during away games.
2. If they win 2 consequtive corners kicks they will
be awarded a penalty.
3. Any attempt on goal will be treated as a goal
4. If a Chelsea player is fouled, that’s a straight
penalty regardless of their position on the pitch.
5. They will be allowed to make 13 Substitution.
6. They will be awarded 6 points for every match
won. 4 points draw and 2 points if they loose
7. They will be allowed to field 2 or 3 goalkeepers at
the same time.
8. Any attempts to tackle or mark Hazard will result
in a penalty
9. Finally, Jose Mourinho will be allowed to Instruct
the players inside the pitch as the match is


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