Laugh away Sorrow

1. MOM: junior, pls bring water
4 me from the fridge
AKPOS: mom, to drink? MOM: no, to change to wine.
Useless child!
2. One good thing about been
ugly is that. Atleast you would
be least considered for rituals. Dem no dey use JUJU do JUJU

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3. I bet you that Messages
from mobile operators in 2019
‘CHILD’ TO 131”
4. SON: Mom, grandma is so
annoying, I wish she will just die.
MOTHER: Idiot, it’s your mother
that will die not mine.
5. A man goes into a library
and asks for a book on suicide. The librarian says, “Bleep off,
won’t bring it back.”

You are on myaceworld

6. Bossy girls be like ” before I
think of dating him, he must TOAST me for at least 6month.
Dont worry, 25yrs from now..
You will be in Shiloh for
miracle marriages.
7. You are a first class graduate at 40years without any job
and you dey follow Lil Wayne
dey sing “I AIN’T GOT NO
WORRIES”. My Dear, even the
devil is weeping for you.
. 8. Ochuko: why are u tip toe-
ing infront of the chemist?
Akpos: I don’t want to wake
up the sleeping pills
9. Okon: why are u writting this letter
so slow?
Akpos: because the person am
writting it to, doesn’t read fast

You are on myaceworld

10. At the age of 40, you still dey your Mama House dey
drag Head of fish with your
siblings….Chai! The witch wey
dey your village carry your
picture dey fan herself.
. 11. Opportunity knocks but
once, my brother my sister, If
you hear a 2nd knock, check
well, na Jehovah witness.
12. Teacher: our topic today is question
tag. Eg: obi is a
boy. Isn’t he? Yes he is. Can I
other examples.
Ochoku: we go chop yam today
Chopin’t we?
Teacher: wrong, can anybody
correct him?
Akpos: don’t mind that
blocked head. We go chop yam
today. Yamin’t we?
Teacher fainted.
Abeg Which one funny pass?


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