Life Cycle

Life Cycle

Oh come ye battalion
Let us make them made-men
Their eyes like bulb of onion
Glory be to God, ‘Amen’, ‘Amen’

The cosmos of womb in women
Where our minutes, seconds and hour
Begin to race one another
Glory be to God, ‘Amen’, ‘Amen’.

While we wheeled on quad limb
When our minds were short of dreams
We milk on milk milked from breasts
Glory be to God, ‘Amen’, ‘Amen’.

And then ‘2’ divides ‘4’
In strength, we ride without fall
Life is now ours, we become men
Glory be to God, ‘Amen’, ‘Amen’.

Then we are designed with wrinkles
Trend with sticks, muses of tributes
We question questions, and say YES
Glory be to God, ‘Amen’, ‘Amen’.

Finally, we lose the final
Cheated, we are cheats who signs out
We bid the world a farewell
Glory be to God, ‘Amen’, ‘Amen’.

Cycle of life is acyclic
We are being tricked, earth-tricks
The more we live, the closer the end
Glory be to God, ‘Amen’, ‘Amen’.


I think nearer comes the End
But Glory be to God, ‘Amen, ‘Amen’.

Micheal Ace
Under the copyright of ACEworld
All right reserved


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