Most funny facts about Nigeria

* Where $ex is free and love is costly.
* Where loosing a phone is more painful than
loosing virg*n*ty.
* Where, if you don’t cheat on your partner, you
are not sharp and smart.

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* Where Bathrooms have become photo STUDIO.
* Where getting a GALAXY phone is greater than
achieving a DEGREE.
* Where yahoo boys have brighter future than
* Where temples are turned into dating points.
* Where worshiping God in truth & spirit is
* Where lies are turned into realities.
* Where ladies fear Pregnancy than HIV.

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* Where pizza delivery is faster than emergency
* Where people fear thieves, robbers &
BokoHaram than God.
* Where people go to Church with BB chargers
rather than Bible.
* Where guys are scared of getting married but
love to have $ex.
* Where we have highest number of musician due
to unemployment.
* Where the higher your offense the lower your
punishment and vice versa.
* Where the number of Churches & Mosque are
more than the worshipers.
* Where we say “Up NEPA” more than we say
“Praise THE LORD”.
* Where a school drop-out politician is ten times
richer and more respected than a Professor.
* Where unemployed youths pick up weapons to
fight in support of the politicians who deprive them
of employment & a good life

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* Where someone who cannot speak English is
given honorary Doctorate degrees.


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