10 shoking truth about strippers and strip clubs

10 shocking truth about strippers and strip clubs
in Lagos
Jessica Umudje
16:05 07/08/2015

My cousin and some friends were throwing a
bachelors party for one of their colleagues and he
told me of their surprise party. Pretty soon after
hearing this I was going along for the experience.
The mention of a strip club awakened all my
journalistic instincts. “Dafe abeg make I tag along
now, ehheen. E don tay wey I won do story about
strip club but shame no gree only me go investigate.
shey I fit follow”? I asked trying to look like a warri
puppy drenched in the rain.
“Oooohh who send me to open my big mouth sef?
Sis, no vex, babes no fit follow us go that kind place,
shuooo; na strictly men affair,” Odafe replied.

After much pleading, bribing and blackmailing
(threatening to tell his girlfriend if he doesn’t allow
me) Dafe finally agreed that I could come along as
long as I keep my ‘aproko’ views to myself.
Seven hours later, I was standing at the entrance of
Cave strip club in Ikeja. As the boys negotiated and
paid for the gate fee of N5000 (five thousand naira)
each, I braced myself for what the night holds. Will I
find a stripper with an 80MMM mammoth floppers in
a bra, dancing skillfully on a brass rail? I felt like I was
doing something wrong just by being there. This is
what I found from the experience:

(1) My first impression was flooded with
admiration for the strippers
Okay, I wasn’t expecting this to happen. But I couldn’t
help the ‘Na wa OOO” look that stuck to my face at
the sight of the beautiful, naked young ladies. When I
said naked; am simply saying ‘Nash and boobs with
self-esteem’ perfectly sculptured body parts and skin
that looks like butter and milo.
With this impression cemented in my head, some
ironclad certainties about strip clubs finally came to
light. A strip club concerns itself not with fantastical
burlesque; it’s a place you literally get mobbed with
girls trying to sell you N1000 lap dances.

(2) Not all strippers hate their jobs: many are
educated and from rich homes
People just assume most ladies become strippers
out of frustration, lack of money, family issues and so
on. Well, not all strippers hate their jobs, although
money is a major factor why ladies do this job,
according to Stacy (not her real name). She strips for
the money and the experience. Now, Stacy didn’t just
leave her job to talk to me, no way “Time na money”.
I had to pay for a lap dance and cook up a lie why I
wanted a chat for a few minutes. I also promised I
would put in a good word for her with my cousin so
she could entertain his friends. With a few Naira
notes in hand and a ‘lifetime’ of 15 minutes, Stacy
watered my curiosity with more salacious

“Me I dey school, my mama and papa dey do well,
but dem no know say I dey do dis kind job. Me I just
like am. Some girls strip here for the money, some
for the fun, some get pinkin for house and no money,
some get family issue.
“So na different reason dey make girls strip but many
of us are educated at least to OND/HND level. Some
ladies have skills and are stylists, makeup artists and
tailors and they come to strip for the extra money.
Whatever their reason, na dem body and their choice
because money dey this work pass ashewo,” Stacy

(3) It is a fast money job, but they lie about how
much they really make
A popular strip club owner in Ikeja once said in an
interview. “In a strip club all you have to do is simply
do a lap dance for a guy or sit on him. When you sit
on him, you whine and he gives you money, some
can give you N5000, some can give you N10, 000,
some can even give you N20, 000. And you can make
N150, 000 to N250, 000 in a day or week.”
“No b lie say big boys dey come here spend serious
money oh, we have a lot of rich clients who come
here often. We also have the average guys who don’t
have too much money to spend, they start their night
by going to a cheap club where their drinks are not
expensive like Cave. When they have had enough
drinks with their boys, the come to Cave, pay the
entrance fee, get a few lap dances and then go home.
Some Lagos big boys knows how to spend money. So
yes, we make plenty money; but I never make 150k in
a night or week before OO. Beside the competition
here is stiff and serious,” said one stripper.
With up to a 100 girls working at a time; the strip club
is a war zone with only one motto – “survivor of the
smartest and nastiest”. Dancers are forced to be bold
and competitive. Every girl is trying to outsmart the
next girl. It is fairly easy to make money. Where else
can you go without any skills, knowledge, and earn
thousands of naira a week??All you need to do is get
a skimpy outfit, drink some shots, get your butt aka’
Ikebe super, medium or tiny ‘on stage, and do lap
While this isn’t emotionally or physically easy and
does require courage, you don’t need a resume, an
interview, or even a high school degree to make
money. Everything is cash. When you run out of
money, all you have to do is go back to the club. So
life becomes a chase of fast earning and faster
spending. There are some smart strippers who use
the job strategically to save money, but that is not the

(4) All kinds of men go to these clubs (even
What motivates men to go to strip clubs varies across
generations. By talking to the young men I came with,
I learned that for them watching nude women dance
is a rite of passage as common as a first kiss.
Most men venture into strip clubs to fulfil the same
basic needs. “Stimulation, relaxation, escape, human
touch. Men don’t think like a feminist. They go where
the staff treat them like kings and they compensate
them for that. They liked to be entertained to keep
their minds off their troubles. What these stripers go
through in their life is none of their concern.
Ladies, you assume that men go to strip clubs purely
to get laid, am I right? I’m not saying this doesn’t
happen; sometimes it does. Most of the time
however, a stripper really functions as a cheap
therapist with little clothing. Sometimes, strip club
patrons just need someone to talk to, someone who
won’t judge them. What I’m trying to say is that you
can’t just blanket a whole gender and activity and say
“men do this because…”.

(5) There are no strip club rules in Lagos: aside
from sex and kissing
From Hollywood movies where I first saw a stripper,
my idea of a stripper is a dancer who teases you in
pants and a bra and the customer doesn’t have the
right to touch you. If he breaks this rule; a scary-
looking bouncer throws him out of the strip club. But
this is not the case with strip clubs in Lagos. As I sit
around and watch the activities at the strip club I was
confused; I felt like rushing out of the place in
disgust. Everywhere are men cupping boobs as these
girl twist on their thighs? I had to permanently fix my
eyes on a TV set and pretend I didn’t just saw a
creepy look on a man’s face as he touches a stripper.
I wonder how men watch a stripper take their clothes
off and gyrate seductively, and get provocatively
naked only to leave without pursuing the matter
further. They are never satisfied; they are blown to
and fro by the products of their own desires, forever
unfulfilled. And in the end they will pay N1000-
N20000 for the show, Na wa oo; which kind sexual
‘suffer head long throat’ be that?

(6) Women and couples are fast become frequent
visitors at strip clubs
I saw a total of four ladies and a pair of lesbians
seated at different tables. They also requested lap
dances. A couple was seated on my right laugh and
both were comfortable touching the strippers. Jane,
the bar girl, said this is normal as couples believe
they need to explore their sexuality. “Some girls don’t
really like to come to strip club with their boyfriend
but because the guy likes clubbing, she just comes
along so another girl won’t snatch him away from

(7) Strippers prize their physical appearance over
and above their other qualities and abilities
Strippers seemed to be dissatisfied with their bodies
and were more likely to scrutinize their physical
appearance. The reasons for these are obvious – no
hot body, no fast money.

(8) Many girls get stuck in the lifestyle because of
the fast money and when they try to go work in
the real world-they find difficult if not impossible
to survive.
They strip for years and forget what they wanted to
do with their lives. The lifestyle can give you a false
sense of security and if you don’t plan, you can easily
be locked into the business. They also make bad
relationship decisions. But this might not be the case
for some serious few, who desperately want to leave
the life of stripping.

(9) Strippers pay club owners a lot, they don’t
make 100% profit
From each lap dance to stag dance, the dancer has to
pay a percentage to the club. Strippers only keep
60-66% of their actual earnings; depending on their
contract with the club owner.

(10) Being a stripper is not as easy as it sounds,
it’s depressing and harder than most professions
It’s not easy being a stripper. There’s more to it than
meets the eye. It is hard on your body, but you also
have to sell the idea of sex, and project “sexy” even
when you’re not feeling it.

My thoughts
I saw ladies who have done everything but given up,
they think they have found a new model for success.
But it’s time to change. A strip club is an exhibition of
a low-grade sexual frustration counteracted by a low-
grade erotic satisfaction. Even though people say you
will have fun when you go to a strip club; please bear
in mind it could be an uncomfortable and awkward
experience. Brace yourself.

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Sourced by News 24


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