ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
10th Nov 2015

I could vividly remember.
That evening i went to our garden with two seeds.
I planted a mango seed as well as maize’s

Then i left home.
Three years later, i returned and i went to check on my seeds

The maize had grown, fruited and withered, I met it harvested, dark brown in colour and was already decaying.

Then i made a trip to the site where i planted the mango seed.
It had grown too, but it was small, still young, it had never produced even flower talkless of fruit. My father was watching and he came closer, gave me a pat and said, it still has a long way to go.
{Micheal Ace}

Biologically, everyman possesses a constant Life cycle but critically we all have different life spans.

The time needed to prune a branch might not be enough to sharpen an axe if the whole tree is to be cut

Moulding of clay, breathing of life, all to create men should take God about an hour, then i guess the remaining 23hours of the sixth day of creation was spent on mapping out destinies.
Because every man possesses his unique and outstanding own.

Your life is a race with only one competitor, that which is your breath.

Every breath out is to carry out a plan, every breath in is to welcome the fulfillment.
And the moment you breath the last, you cross the line.
You either win or lose.

Life isn’t about comparision but remember this things.
* If you can’t see it, think it
* If the gate is locked, jump the fence
* If you can’t write it, speak it
* And if the sky is falling, join the rest

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