ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
9th Nov, 2015

There lived five friends,
they were preys been predated by penury. Everything was upside down for them.

But out of them all, there is this one who will always go out to work as a labourer, he will strive and strive just to get food for his other four jobless friends.

In the process of struggle to provide for the Five, this man went out one day to the market to labour for money and he was on the run to collect change from a motorist when he was unfortunately knocked down by another car, he died at instant.

When his friends learnt what happened, they rushed to the scene and after all quarrel with the driver, they collected some amounts of money and left in peace.
That day, the other four left alive ate the best and enjoyed themselves to the fullest with the money given to them.

Its good to have a team, its better when they are your friends, its the best when they become your family.
But the best they will ever give you when you die is either a powerful mourning or a befitting burial.
The best place they can ever place you is their memories but for them Life still goes on.

They won’t die because you die.

So today, don’t get pressured because of some responsibilities, always stay calm, trust your friends and family, do your best for them but don’t think of satisfying them at the cost of your life because,

No matter who dies, though it might hurt but Life still goes on.

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