Joke on stare

Three friends went to China for a vacation. They lodged in a five star hotel. They ended up being on the sixtieth floor. The policy of the hotel was that, at midnight, the elevator is always shut down. The next day, they rented a car and explored the city. After having a nice time, they returned to the hotel fifteen minutes after midnight. The elevators had been shut down. There was no other way to get to their room except to take the stairs all the way to the sixtieth floor. The first friend said, “For the first twenty floors, I will tell jokes to keep us going.” Pointing to the second friend, “You’ll tell jokes for the next twenty floors.” Pointing to third friend, he said, “And you will also do the same for the last mile of the climb” They started the climb. After laughing hysterically, they finally got to the last floor. When they reached the front of their room, the third friend said, “I have one final joke to tell, I forgot the key of the room in the car.” What do you think will happen to him?


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